After-Market Price Tracker

Ever been in a situation when you want to buy a used phone and wondered whether the price is right? Contemplating if it is really a good deal or not? This is where quick statistics and high-level overview of smartphone market helps.

Here’s a brief overview of what this app does –

  • Provide a histogram of the prices at which the phones were sold and not sold.
  • How many ads for phones were listed each day
  • Is the price trending down or not
  • Average, Median and minimum price of the most commonly selling phone

It covers most of the popular phones including all Apple iPhone, Google Pixel Series and Samsung. There are some tablets such as iPad included too.

Which phone sells the most? (median price sold in comparison to prices not sold)
iPhone 8 has 319 listings out of 3000 total. (Roughly 10% of total phones)
Selling distribution of iPhone X (Sold vs Unsold)
For iPhone X, 400-470 price bin contains most of the phone which are listed as well as sold. One can see that prices above $570 are not being sold.
Where are most sellers from?
New Jersey and Texas has the most sellers

Tools & Libraries Used

  1. Python GMAIL API – To read mails from GMAIL and fetch the listings for swappa
  2. Scrapy – To scrape data from swappa
  3. Tableau – To draw the visualization/EDA
  4. Google Viz – To draw visualization for the web (WIP)

Full Code at my github –